Clay runs Sun King Brewing Company, a craft brewery located right in the heart of Downtown Indianapolis. As an owner of a brewery, Clay loves to see people having fun. It’s basically in his job description. So when we asked him to help us tell people about the work we do to build and promote the vibrancy of Downtown, he was thrilled. And we’re pretty sure it wasn’t just the WeeMac talking.

A destination for fun
That’s probably because he knows seeing people have a good time is our goal, too. From setting up great events on Georgia Street and the Canal Walk to organizing other exciting Downtown happenings like on Monument Circle, we make sure there are plenty of opportunities for people to get together and play.

Of course, it isn’t just the many Downtown breweries that benefit. Lots of businesses love the exciting nightlife and growing interest in going out Downtown. And our job is also to promote Downtown and its offerings leading folks to the hundreds of bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs so they can enjoy their Sun King!

Beauty and the beat
At Downtown Indy, Inc., we also head up many of the stakeholder groups that make Downtown a destination. We lead the groups in charge of beautification and cleanliness, keeping the tree lights twinkling (how romantic), those pesky swarms of crows and starlings away (and their droppings) and the planters blooming (stop and smell the roses, daffodils, petunias, mums, lilies…).

Plus, we partner with the IMPD in organizing foot and bike patrols to make sure the streets are safe so people enjoy walking around.

Wor(KING) on a great place
It’s a lot of work to get everything set up every day. But it’s what we do and we love it.  It’s what makes Downtown such a great place to hang out, whether you live or work here or are just coming down for the evening. So come join us Downtown as we crack open our favorite Sun King brew and kick our feet up. That is, until tomorrow, when there’s more work to be done.

Join us for the Craft Beer for a Cause Night at Victory Field Sept. 1!

We’re Downtown Indy, Inc. The people behind the place.