In March, we posted a contest challenging Indianapolis to come up with a two-minute video celebrating the vibrancy, inclusiveness and energy of our welcoming Downtown. With Downtown Indy as the backdrop, we challenged the public to create a custom, original, non-political video that tells the story of our city’s openness, diversity and the welcoming atmosphere that we, as locals, know to be true and real.

In return, we offered to feature the video on our website. Oh, and one more thing. The winner would receive $5,000 from us.

The video submissions are in and the top five videos have been posted. And the public has voted. Today, the contest came to a close. The top five videos drew a remarkable number of page views and “likes”/thumbs up, which determined the winner.

The video that came in second place was created by Darion Forrest. You (and us as well) loved this creative, feel-good video.

And the winning video – and winner of $5,000 – is #WeWelcomeAll in Indianapolis by Matt Panfil. Congratulations, Matt! Your video is a true testament to the vibrancy, beauty and inclusiveness of Downtown Indy. You featured some of our favorite spots: Mass Ave, the Canal, Monument Circle and White River State Park. You reminded us all over again why Downtown is not only a great place to live, work and play, but is home to thousands of people of all colors, sizes, shapes and personalities.

Thank you to all who submitted videos!