Continuing Downtown’s Momentum

We’ve come a long way from the Downtown that many local residents and visitors recall when “the sidewalks rolled up at 5 o’clock p.m.” It’s true.  Twenty five years ago, Downtown was too often deserted, deteriorating and filled with huge craters and vacant space.  The...

Building Downtown’s Future Together

Anniversaries and birthdays. These are times to reflect on years gone by as well as what’s on the horizon – and both give me incredible joy. As we take a moment to celebrate 25 years of Downtown Indy, Inc., I stand here proud and inspired. Proud of the incredible...

The Top 25: Downtown’s Defining Moments 1993-2018

Downtown Indy, Inc. is celebrating 25 years by taking a look at 25 history-making events for Downtown Indianapolis.

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Tour Downtown on foot or bike

Discover the secrets behind your favorite city while touring Downtown on foot or bike! A Walkers Paradise Called “the most walkable Downtown in America” by Sports Illustrated, everything is within reach in Downtown Indy. In fact, some refer to Downtown as a “Walker’s...

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