The Maxwell Apartments

The Maxwell is a contemporary, 5-story building featuring a blend of both residential and commercial space.  The building includes an underground parking garage and first floor of office space, leasing office and fitness center.  The second level includes a courtyard and club room.  The residences include a wide range of square footages offering a variety of price points for consumers.
  530 East Ohio Street, Suite C  
  (317) 686-0925


Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 


Property Attributes:

Studio to 2 bedrooms available
0.0 to 2.5 bathrooms available
Rent Range : $1,260.00 to $2,290.00
Facility Address / Phone Amenities
Market District Garage 101 North New Jersey Street Accepts CC Electric Charging
Lockerbie Marketplace Lot 340 North New Jersey Street
360 Market Square Garage 360 E Market St Accepts CC
Municipal Garage 317 East New York Street
433 East Washington Street Lot 433 East Washington Street Accepts CC
New Jersey & Vermont Lot 415 North New Jersey Accepts CC
Old City Hall Lot 202 North Alabama Street Accepts CC
La Quinta Inn Lot 419 East Washington Street
Athenaeum Lot 401 East Michigan Street
Market Square Center Garage 241 East Ohio Street Accepts CC Motorcycle Parking Overnight
Attraction Address Phone
Easley Winery 205 North College Avenue (317) 636-4516
James Whitcomb Riley Home 528 Lockerbie Street (317) 631-5885
Sun King Brewing Co. 135 North College Avenue (317) 602-3702
The Hot Room 305 East New York Street (317) 650-7736
The Hall 202 North Alabama Street (317) 327-5112
Young Actors Theatre 401 East Michigan Street (317) 432-8352
The IMC Gallery 401 East Michigan Street (317) 597-0328
The Athenaeum Theatre 401 East Michigan Street (317) 636-4596
Escape the Room Indianapolis 525 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 960-4801