Maximize Your Benefits

Make the most of your Downtown Indy, Inc. Membership

There are plethora of opportunities for you to leverage your DII membership. From Instagram takeovers to guided real estate tours of Downtown, we’re here for YOU! Read through your member benefits and highlight the key aspects that mean the most to you. Check out your member profile page, feel free to send us new copy, promotions and photos. Access some of the most utilized benefits below.

Show your DII pride with these online tools.
Is your organization hosting an upcoming event? Tell us and we’ll put it on our online calendar.
Help your patrons experience all that Downtown has to offer with DII’s exclusive pocket map.
Give your patrons somewhere to stash their wheels outside of your business.
Want to avoid the rush hour jam? Get the latest on street closures and construction updates each week.
Feeling creative? Help us tell your unique story.
Engage your employees and make an impact on our cityscape.
Large or small, find the perfect spot for your business Downtown.
Up for renewal? Make it easy and pay here.