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November 03, 2016

USDA-Wildlife Services returns to take steps to discourage starling and crow roosting 2016


Because Downtown property owners, employees, residents and visitors are concerned about employee health, public safety and rising clean-up costs, Downtown Indy, is once again partnering with the United States Department of Agriculture-Wildlife Services (USDA-WS) to implement methods to discourage starlings and crows from roosting in Downtown this fall and winter.

With a fall and winter season roosting pattern, starlings are non-native, alien and invasive birds that drive out the native species and compete for nesting space with songbirds.  In addition, starlings and crows pose potential health risks and sanitation issues to humans and animals and cause significant damage and expense to public spaces, memorials and private property.

Periodically in the evenings, USDA-WS staff will use pyrotechnics, lasers and recorded bird warning calls.  USDA-WS staff will be in uniform and working from Downtown area sidewalks and selected rooftops.  The pyrotechnics make loud shrill sounds and booms.  Business leaders and those who serve visitors are asked to inform employees, guests and residents who hear or see these efforts to know that this is part of USDA-WS’s efforts to discourage these pest birds from roosting in Downtown.  

Additionally, Downtown employees, visitors and residents are asked to NOT feed any birds, including pigeons and crows, to help discourage them from roosting.

Beginning Nov. 4 – ongoing, evenings periodically

United States Department of Agriculture-Wildlife Services and Downtown Indy