Dwell Hot Spots (Businesses)

What is it?

As the Downtown resident population continues to grow, our goal is to be THE resource for residents, offering valuable benefits, networking opportunities with neighbors and timely information.

How does it work?

Companies wishing to support a vibrant Downtown commit to offer area discounts to residents that purchase a membership.

Discounts and benefits could include:

  • Percentages off
  • Discounted ticket prices and last-minute deals
  • Discounted hotel rates combined with tickets to a show
  • Buy one/get one half-off deals

Have extra tickets to an event?

  • Downtown Indy, Inc. can send instant communications to participating members for last-minute discounted ticket opportunities
  • Communications for these promotions will only go to program members

Companies also have the opportunity to purchase Dwell memberships for their employees and/or tenants for half the price of a resident's fee*.
*50 percent off for 2015 only

What's in it for me?

  • An opportunity to increase your sales
  • An opportunity to increase your brand awareness and community engagement
  • A designated way to communicate with a targeted audience, through Downtown Indy correspondence, that frequents local Downtown establishments

What's the cost to a business?

Participation is FREE and is one of the benefits of being a Downtown Indy, Inc. member.

  • Discounted offers must be available for at least six (6) months
  • Businesses may offer more than one discount at any given time
  • Tickets must be buy one/get one half-off or more for Dwell members

What is the cost to a Dweller?

$50 annually

What indicates a Dweller?

All members will have a membership card.

What are the Dwell benefits?

  • Numerous exclusive privileges to Downtown eateries, attractions, entertainment venues and more
  • Networking opportunities provided through periodic meet-ups
  • Downtown Indy, Inc. will share community information through emails, blogs and social media pertaining to special events, special discounts, hot ticket items and last-minute deals

Communications will include information pertaining to traffic alerts, special events/conventions/conferences coming to the Downtown area and Downtown Indy, Inc.'s weekly newsletter.

Participate Now!

Please fill out as completely as possible. We appreciate your support.

* By submitting this form, you agree to supply the following discount or offer to Dwell Downtown Card Holders. Discount or offer is subject to approval.
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