Master gardener, arborist, Downtown lorax, plant lady. There are many incredible words to describe Downtown Indy, Inc. Beautification Director Anne Maschmeyer’s service to the Downtown Indianapolis community.

We sat down with Anne to learn more about the experiences, accomplishments and memories that have made her last 25 years so monumental. From managing plantings to coordinating the pest bird task force, she has kept Downtown clean, safe and beautiful. Let’s dive in! 

How has Downtown beautification changed over the last 25 years?

“When I started in 1994, Circle Centre was just being built. I was privileged to manage the Indianapolis Cultural Trail during construction and inspired by Brian Payne’s vision to connect Cultural Districts through linear landscapes and public art. These “green connections” enhanced physical activity and made Downtown more multi-modal. Through public/private partnerships, more than 100 street trees have been replaced to improve the Downtown tree canopy and provide shade to pedestrians.”

Why have you stayed for 25 years?

“I still have passion to make Downtown more beautiful after 25 years. Downtown Indy, Inc. has been good for me and I’ve been good for it. I’ve been nurtured to grow and thrive, while being challenged. It’s like a family here. I’m valued here and that makes a huge difference. Our Downtown is full of caring and helpful people that share our vision of a cleaner and more spectacular Downtown.”

What is your favorite project and proudest accomplishment?

“Being part of the Rotary Greenway Planning team in 1998 where 3,000 international Rotarians planted 900 trees, 100 shrubs and 7,500 flowers in 3 hours. This project won the 1998 Monumental Award.”

What is your favorite memory?

“During the dedication of the Peace Garden, I sat between Susan Bayh and Mayor Steve Goldsmith feeling so proud of the second garden we developed with youth. The Peace Garden was dedicated to those youth who had lost their lives to violence.”

What is the most rewarding thing about being Beautification Director?

“The most rewarding thing about being DII’s Beautification Director is connecting people and plants.”

If you could give advice to an entry level employee, what would it be?

“Be willing to learn the job.
Offer alternative solutions.
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Last, but certainly not least…. Show up to work regularly.”

Some of my most meaningful experiences at DII are teaching youth and adults how to plant flowers and trees. I firmly believe these as life skills.” – Anne Maschmeyer, DII Beautification Director

What are your future dreams/goals/plans for 2019?

“Two major goals that I dream of pursuing within the upcoming year are to continue inspiring businesses to increase their landscaping and flowers and to encourage businesses to mitigate cigarette bud liter.”

If there was one thing you would want to be remembered by from the last 25 years, what would it be?

“I would love to be remembered by the fact that I encouraged others to be their best, always had a kind heart, and genuinely loved Downtown Indianapolis.”

Join us in celebrating Anne as we reminisce on 25 years of dreams achieved, goals accomplished and memories.

Here’s to you, Anne! You make Downtown Indy shine even brighter.

Grace Bowling

Grace Bowling

Community Engagement Intern, Downtown Indy, Inc.