As Downtown Indy, Inc. looks toward the upcoming year and plans Downtown’s beautification. Our Beautification Calendar is distributed to more than 1,000 Downtown businesses to encourage colorful landscaping and clean properties. Different color themes create a cohesive, sophisticated look as each season changes. While the colors are specific, businesses and landscapers can be creative and choose flowers appropriate to site conditions.

Downtown Indianapolis is often touted for its cleanliness and beauty. Keeping Downtown vibrant, clean and green is a year-round process.

2021 color themes & Downtown Indy, Inc.’s flower choices:

Spring – Vibrant Pansies in orange, purple, yellow and jewel mix will complement March Madness and other upcoming events. We will also have white and hot pink annuals.

Summer – In collaboration with Newfields’ The Lume exhibit (showcasing Van Gogh), we will be planting beautiful Salvia Victoria Blue and vibrant Bandana Lemon Zest Lantana.

Fall/Winter – Mums, cabbage/kale, pansies or evergreens are suggested for planting. Winter is the time for holiday decor, lighting up exterior trees and decorating building exteriors. Custom-decorated planters decorated with evergreens, shiny festive ornaments and colorful accents add a holiday welcome to your business.

Downtown works well because of the collaborative efforts of many organizations that have a shared spirit of cooperation and desire to achieve high standards.  We appreciate your continued investment in landscaping and beautifying Downtown.

DOWNLOAD the 2021 Beautification Calendar here.