In the video above, you hear from ten Downtown Indy residents on why they choose to live (and in some cases work) Downtown: Corrie Stewart, Virgil Chan & Bob Gowen, Jennifer Kikendall-Wilkinson, Joe Everhart, Lara Banker, Mitch Briggs, Kristie Hill & Erik Johnson and Tom Ridley.

Just over six years ago I had the opportunity to move back to Indianapolis. I have been in commercial real estate since graduating college and I was ready to put my mark on the local market. I knew I wanted to live in Downtown Indianapolis, but had no allegiance to one neighborhood or the other. Yet I knew I wanted to be a part of the urban environment in the city that I called home. And home for me was not in the suburbs.

With a little luck and good timing, I found my first home in my up-and-coming Fountain Square neighborhood. It was a beautiful turn of the century Victorian style home in North Square. The neighborhood is bounded by the 65/70 portion of the highway, Virginia Avenue, Fletcher Avenue and Shelby Street. I was able to rent this completely rehabilitated and quirky gem for a year and a half before I made the big move across the street to a small ranch style home. A year later, I made the one block move to my current home – a contemporary loft-style home in the heart of Fountain Square. My pup loves the fenced in yard, sidewalks and friendly neighbors (who all know her name).. My neighbors like to joke that I’m the Goldilocks of the neighborhood. The first house was too big, the second house was too small and the third fit me “just right.”

North Square has its perks: I’m 50 yards from Peppy Grill, Siam Square, Cultured Swirl, Southeast Community Services and my favorite, the Cultural Trail. The addition of the Cultural Trail has been a game changer for Downtown neighborhoods and the businesses along the way. I feel great when I don’t have to drive to do the things I love to do. The amount of walkable amenities located nearby is impressive and enviable by cities across the country.

Urban living affords a sense of community and convenience that can’t be duplicated. I’ve seen tremendous change in the short amount of time that Downtown Indy has been my home. I have over 4,000 new neighbors who were living other places but now call Downtown home. As a result of the recent increased density, coupled with an underserved market share, there are countless new (and thriving!) commercial enterprises.

I started with Downtown Indy in May and I believe I have the best job in town. I get to brag on my city and show off all of the benefits that Downtown living offers.

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