If you read a highlight reel of Gary Brackett’s career, you would likely assume that he was met with little challenge. Gary was a 2x MVP at Rutgers, won a Super Bowl, was captain of the Colts for five years, and now runs a successful restaurant franchise, Stacked Pickle. However, the theme of his story is instead a constant pursuit through adversity.

Gary’s parents refinanced their home twice to pay for him to be the first college graduate in the family. When they called to inform him they could no longer afford Rutgers, he successfully negotiated a scholarship with the football coach. Starting that moment, he worked hard to be more than a walk on player. He quickly became starter and 2X MVP. From Rutgers, he climbed from 4th-string-free-agent at the Colts to five-year captain, all while managing three significant family deaths in 16 months.

“I’m rich not because of my bank account, but because of my mind. So no matter what, if I were to lose everything, I would still consider myself rich because of my mentality and hustle. And, because of that, I’m willing to bet on myself.” – Gary Brackett

Gary was enjoying retirement from nine years in the NFL when his daughter presented another challenge: “What are you going to be when you grow up?” He decided to attend George Washington University to earn an executive MBA, and entered into a partnership with the previous owner of Stacked Pickle in 2011. By 2013, he purchased the company and grew it to currently ten locations with seven franchises. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you with Gary Brackett from the Stacked Pickle.


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Hayley Brown

Hayley Brown

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