Consuelo Poland is creating a commotion in the Indianapolis creative scene with the Ruckus Makerspace.

Her artistic background began when she used drawings to communicate with her new family after being adopted from Guatemala. Her natural talent led her to the Kendall College of Art and Design, where she earned a BFA and continued her education to obtain a welder’s license. She arrived in Indianapolis as the Ruckus Makerspace project was beginning and was recruited to lead the organization. Three years later and Ruckus has outgrown its creative capacity and space, so it’s opening a new location just off of Massachusetts Avenue.

“Sometimes I feel like people have a romantic idea of a starving artist. Starving doesn’t make you an artist. If you’re making things that are unique and are pushing yourself to grow, that’s awesome.” – Consuelo Poland, Ruckus Makerspace

To fulfill her passion for communicating between the White and Latino communities, Consuelo also leads the Latinas Welding Guild and speaks on behalf of her community. Grab your welding mask and light up your torch as we learn about the support available for creatives in Indianapolis, how to accurately value your work as an artist, and how the Ruckus Makerspace has the resources for your next big idea.

Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Consuelo Poland of Ruckus Makerspace.

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Hayley Brown

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