If you have read Scott Jones’ resume, you know he never stops innovating. Living out the mantra “Whatever it freaking takes,” Scott has been a leader in the tech industry since his twenties. Scott was born in Louisville and moved to Indianapolis with two years left of high school. With the initial desire to be a doctor, Scott then began school at Indiana University. His curiosity about how the world and technology works resulted in six years in Bloomington with plenty of credits, but not enough in one major.

“I just do whatever it freaking takes.” – Scott Jones.

Still hungry to learn more, Scott maneuvered his way into M.I.T. without an undergraduate degree. It was across the street from M.I.T. that Scott and his business partner Greg Carr founded their famous voicemail technology. Although Boston Technology was a great success, Scott never stopped using technology to solve problems.

Now, Scott is well known for ventures, including ChaCha, Gracenote, Precise Path Robotics, and Eleven Fifty Academy. Not to mention his MTV Cribs worthy smart house. Tune in to learn about Scott’s voicemail technology, what happened to ChaCha and its data, and how Scott is evolving Indianapolis’ tech ecosystem with Eleven Fifty Academy. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you with Scott Jones from Eleven Fifty Academy.

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Hayley Brown

Hayley Brown

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