When given the opportunity to become a sponsor of the Downtown Indianapolis July 4th Fireworks, the Indiana Donor Network saw a chance to share their message with a wide audience. It’s a message of freedom and celebration – but in a different way. Read on…

Nobody understands the impact one person can have like the Indiana Donor Network. One person can save up to eight lives through organ donation and enhance the lives of more than 75 people through tissue donation. One person has the power to save or heal someone in need- take Lexi Fuchs, for example.

When Lexi was 11, she received a lifesaving heart transplant thanks to the kindness of an organ donor. Because of someone’s heart literally going out to a person in need, Lexi is now 18 years old and looking forward to the rest of her life. Not only will she be attending the Fourth of July fireworks Downtown this weekend, she’ll be heading off to Indiana State University in the fall with the goal to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in social work. She hopes to become a therapist. One generous donor is the reason Lexi has the rest of her life to look forward to.

Right now, there are over 1,000 Hoosiers and 100,000 people worldwide like Lexi who are waiting for an organ transplant. The Indiana Donor Network is proud to present the finale of weekend’s Fourth of July Fireworks show. As you’re watching individual fireworks explode into a beautiful display for everyone watching, they ask that you remember that you could have an even more beautiful impact by becoming an organ donor.

“You never know if you might end up needing a transplant to save your live, or maybe a loved one might need a transplant to save their life,” said Lexi. “It is because of the people who make the decision to become donors that recipients like me get to experience the rest of their childhood and the joys that life has to offer.”

Talk to your loved ones about the decision to become an organ donor. And if you aren’t currently registered as a donor, sign up at the BMV or online at www.donatelifeindiana.org/signup/.