Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Rob Gerbitz from Bottleworks.

Bottleworks. With one word, we have the attention of every person in Indianapolis. In this episode, we talk to the guy behind its vision – the CEO of Hendricks Commercial Properties, Rob Gerbitz.

The Wisconsinite grew up with a father in the family restaurant business. From his experience helping his dad, Rob knew that he didn’t want to run the family restaurant business. The restaurant did, however, lead him to his passion when one of his customers invited him to interview at the customer’s property management company.

“If this is as good of a piece of dirt as you’re saying, why don’t we do something good? Something impactful.” – Rob Gerbitz, Bottleworks

From day one, Rob knew that he was addicted to the fast-paced chaos in property management. As he grew in the industry, he learned the value of a visionary leader and how to balance chaos and organization. Rob exited his own company with the intent to take time off work; however, he quickly realized that life without work is boring. When he interviewed with Hendricks Commercial Properties – which is owned by Diane Hendricks who is rated #1 for Forbes’ American Self-Made Women – Rob recognized that it was a special place to work.

Now, Rob is leading the initiative for the Bottleworks project on Massachusettes Avenue in the old Coca-Cola bottling plant. Rob and his team recognize the importance of maintaining the building’s charm, featuring local businesses, and hosting office spaces to encourage all-day use of the space and appreciate Indy’s collaborative development environment so they can support Indy and execute their ideas with little friction.

Tune in to learn about the property management industry, the importance of details, and the unforgettable smell that fills the Ironworks Hotel. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Rob Gerbitz of Hendricks Commercial Properties and Bottleworks.

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Hayley Brown

Hayley Brown

Co-host & Chief Marketing Wizard, The Drink Culture Podcast

Hayley is a Co-host and the Chief Marketing Wizard for the Drink Culture Podcast. She’s currently obsessed with the Bottleworks project on Mass Ave, asking questions worth answering, and snuggling with her Holland Lop bunny, Bella.