Outside In- The Art and Craft of Williams S. Rice

Outside In is a visually rich and instructive display of the work of noted block printmaker William Rice (1873-1963). Arriving in California in 1900 to accept a teaching position, Rice explored the High Sierras, Yosemite, the desert Southwest, the Pacific coast and the forests of sequoias and redwoods—all exotic locales to a transplanted Pennsylvanian. These landscapes were reduced to their color components, carved into printing blocks, and reformed into precise, brilliant and translucent images. Rice began creating his color block prints in 1915 and exhibiting them nationally. But such a devoted Arts and Craftsman couldn’t confine himself to one media. Included among the exhibition’s 41 items are oils, watercolors, lithographs, metalwork and all the paraphernalia of block printmaking, which have been made available exclusively for this exhibition by the artist’s family. 
  September 26, 2019–December 1, 2019
  Every Sunday, Tuesday–Saturday, 11 a.m.–8 p.m.
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As the Indianapolis Museum of Art has grown to become an internationally renowned museum, attention has turned toward increasing the emphasis on combining art with nature. The galleries are surrounded by gardens, water features, over a hundred acres of woodland filled with surprise and beauty. The campus itself is ideal for performances, afternoon walks, kite-flying, cloud-gazing, memory-making, new-idea-having. There’s a mansion to stage unforgettable events, restaurants for relaxing, bars for microbrews and friendships. Newfields is a setting where it’s easy to make connections of all sorts. Like no place else in Indianapolis.

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