47 Rōnin- A Tale of Honor and Loyalty

This exhibition examines the story of the ‟47 Rōnin”, one of the most widely-known and popular historical tales in Japan, where a group of samurai successfully attacked the villa of an important government official, Kira Kozuke no suke, to avenge the death of their lord. Once this vengeance was enacted, and after surrendering to the authorities, all 47 were ordered to commit seppuku. Their determination to demonstrate their loyalty to their late lord at the sacrifice of their lives electrified Japan, and the famous playwright Chikamatsu Monazaemon turned it into a drama for the stage. Using woodblock prints from the IMA collection to illustrate the main and side stories, we will explore why this tale of murder and vengeance was, and remains, so popular.
  September 26, 2019–November 17, 2019
  Every Sunday, Tuesday–Saturday, 11 a.m.–8 p.m.
  Museum admission


As the Indianapolis Museum of Art has grown to become an internationally renowned museum, attention has turned toward increasing the emphasis on combining art with nature. The galleries are surrounded by gardens, water features, over a hundred acres of woodland filled with surprise and beauty. The campus itself is ideal for performances, afternoon walks, kite-flying, cloud-gazing, memory-making, new-idea-having. There’s a mansion to stage unforgettable events, restaurants for relaxing, bars for microbrews and friendships. Newfields is a setting where it’s easy to make connections of all sorts. Like no place else in Indianapolis.

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