1933 Lounge

Although 1933 Lounge features a select menu, it offers nothing but the finest quality selections including St. Elmo's "World Famous" shrimp cocktail and filet sliders. Customers of the Lounge can enjoy these and other small plate options as well as craft cocktails starting at 4 p.m.
  127 South Illinois Street, Second Floor of St. Elmo Steak House  
  (317) 635-0636


Monday - Saturday, 4 p.m. - midnight
Facility Address / Phone Amenities
Plaza Park Garage 109 South Capitol Avenue Accepts CC Motorcycle Parking Electric Charging Overnight
World Wonders Garage, Circle Centre Mall 100 South Illinois Street Accepts CC
Capitol Commons Garage 10 South Capitol Avenue Accepts CC Motorcycle Parking Overnight
Moon Garage, Circle Centre Mall 26 West Georgia Street Accepts CC
Marriott Downtown Garage 350 West Maryland Street Accepts CC Overnight
PNC Centre/Hyatt Garage 5 South Capitol Avenue Accepts CC Motorcycle Parking Overnight
Sun Garage, Circle Centre Mall 48 West Maryland Street Accepts CC
Denison Lot 239 230 South Meridian Street Overnight
Denison Lot 125 125 South Meridian Street
Washington & Senate Indoor 325 West Washington Street
Attraction Address Phone
Pan Am Plaza 201 South Capitol Avenue (317) 577-5600
The Escape Room USA 200 South Meridian Street (317) 986-6542
Helium Comedy Club 10 W. Georgia St. (317) 349-4800
Circle City Tours 300 West Maryland Street (Pickup Location) (317) 899-9285
Hudnut Commons 50 South Capitol Avenue
Joker's Live 247 S. Meridian Street (317) 494-7188
Georgia Street Georgia Street (317) 237-2222
Knockerball Archery Tag Indianapolis 49 West Maryland Street (317) 560-9775
ARTBOX 245 McCrea Street (317) 955-2450
UA Circle Centre 9 49 West Maryland Street (317) 237-6356
TILT Studio Arcade and Laser Tag Center 49 West Maryland Street (317) 226-9267