Baby’s is brought to you by the team behind the ball & biscuit on Mass. Ave.  We chose this spot at the corner of 22nd and Talbott St. for Baby’s because of the diversity and energy of the surrounding neighborhoods.  And we were enamored with the building’s history – including stints ranging from grocery store to drag-show venue.  Our vision for Baby’s is a casual, fun and approachable spot suited for families and b&b cocktail enthusiasts alike.  Our aesthetic gives a little wink to the past, and we hope to play a meaningful role in this area’s future.
  2147 N. Talbott St.  
  (317) 600-3559


Attraction Address Phone
Footlite Musicals Hedback Theatre (317) 926-6630
Epilogue Players, Inc. 1849 North Alabama Street (317) 926-3139
Dr. Martin Luther King Park 1701 Broadway St