Central Indiana Community Foundation

In the simplest of terms, CICF exists to make Central Indiana a better place, every day—but what does that mean, exactly?
  • It means finding innovative ways to attract visitors and businesses, and encouraging them to invest their time and money here.
  • It means making sure everyone is included in our efforts to push Central Indiana forward, giving more families the resources they need to achieve self-sufficiency.
  • It means creating a place where more people are homeowners, college graduates, and successful professionals or business owners.
  • It means making our neighborhoods and communities beautiful, vibrant, and attractive places for both current and future residents.
  • Finally, it means bolstering the area’s intellectual capacity, positioning us to compete with other neighboring regions for decades down the road.
  615 North Alabama Street, Suite 119  
  (317) 634-2423
Facility Address / Phone Amenities
Central Christian Church North Lot 751 North Delaware Street
601/611 North Delaware Lot 601 North Delaware Street
Antelope Club Lot 602 North Delaware Street
Old National Centre (Murat) Main Lot 501 Alabama Street
Michigan & Alabama Lot 307 East Michigan Street
FlexePark Lot 6182 515 E North St Accepts CC
Athenaeum Lot 401 East Michigan Street
418 Alabama Street Lot 418 Alabama Street
New Jersey & Vermont Lot 415 North New Jersey Accepts CC
Penn Center Lot 440 North Delaware Street Electric Charging
Attraction Address Phone
Escape the Room Indianapolis 525 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 960-4801
Bill Gray Plaza 430 Massachusetts Avenue
Young Actors Theatre 401 East Michigan Street (317) 432-8352
The IMC Gallery 401 East Michigan Street (317) 597-0328
The Athenaeum Basile Theatre 401 East Michigan Street (317) 655-2755
Franklin Barry Gallery and The Frame Shop 617 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 822-8455
Tyndall-Moorhead Armory 711 North Pennslyvania Street (317) 390-2600
Dean Johnson Gallery 646 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 634-8020
The District Theatre 627 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 308-9800
Outliers Brewing Company 534 East North Street
Phoenix Theatre 705 North Illinois Street (317) 635-7529