Fletcher Place Lofts

Fletcher Place Lofts is an award winning historic reuse project completed by Deylen in 2007.  It includes 8 urban lofts, and 3700 square feet of office space in a structure built in 1907 to house the parish hall for the Second Baptist Church of Indianapolis.  Prior to the Deylen conversion the second floor of the  building was used as a basketball court.  Deylen preserved many of the architectural features of the structure including the maple hardwood court floor.
  410 South College Avenue  
  (317) 803-8600

Property Attributes:

1 to 1 bedrooms available
1.0 to 1.0 bathrooms available
Rent Range : $0.00 to $0.00
Facility Address / Phone Amenities
CityWay South Garage 357 South Delaware Street Accepts CC
East Maryland Street Lot 355 East Pearl Street
La Quinta Inn Lot 419 East Washington Street
La Rosa Ramp Lot 101 South Alabama Street Accepts CC
Attraction Address Phone
Domont Studio Gallery 545 South East Street (317) 685-9634
Metazoa Brewing Company 140 South College Avenue
Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery 702 Virginia Ave (317) 653-1806
Edna Balz Lacy Park 700 Greer Street (317) 327-7226
Indiana City Brewing Company 24 Shelby Street (317) 643-1103
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art 216 East South Street (317) 790-5757
Grove Haus 1001 Hosbrook Street
St. Vincent Center - Pacers Training Facility 201 South Delaware Street (317) 469-1919