Klipsch Marketing & Advisors

KM&A identifies strengths and recognizes vulnerabilities. We send in our team to build up areas that need a boost and maximize the areas where our clients already kick ass. Our combined marketing agency experience in creative, brand strategy, advertising, social media, digital media and public relations are the building blocks upon which we stand. We make growing our client’s bottom line the measure of our success.

Our clients are kept efficient, relevant, on-trend, ahead of the game, major players, lean, good lookin’, and consistent.

  10 W Market St, Suite 1850  
  (317) 964-0648
Facility Address / Phone Amenities
Court Street Garage 33 North Capitol Avenue Accepts CC Overnight
West Wabash Street Lot 130 West Wabash Street Accepts CC Bus Parking Motorcycle Parking Overnight
Government Center Capitol Ave. Lot 200 North Capitol Avenue Accepts CC Overnight
101 West Ohio Building Garage 151 West Ohio Street Accepts CC Motorcycle Parking
Market Tower Garage 139 North Illinois Street Accepts CC
Parking Meters 101 West Ohio Street Accepts CC Motorcycle Parking
Government Center Senate Ave. Parking Facility 220 North Senate Avenue Accepts CC Motorcycle Parking Overnight
Circle Block Garage 25 North Illinois Street
OneAmerica Tower Garage 200 North Illinois Street
PNC Centre/Hyatt Garage 5 South Capitol Avenue Accepts CC Motorcycle Parking Overnight
Attraction Address Phone
Indiana Law Enforcement and Firefighters Memorial Ohio and Senate streets
AV Framing Services 715 North Senate Avenue (317) 356-3776
Indiana Repertory Theatre 140 West Washington Street (317) 635-5252
Spectacle Entertainment 111 Monument Circle Suite 777 (317) 656-8787
Rhythm! Discovery Center 110 West Washington Street (317) 275-9030
Indianapolis Artsgarden 110 West Washington Street (317) 624-2563
Indiana State Library 315 West Ohio Street (317) 232-3675
Long-Sharp Gallery 50 West Washington Street (866) 370-1601
Hudnut Commons 50 South Capitol Avenue
Robert D. Orr Plaza 100 North Senate Avenue
Firefighters Memorial 748 Massachusetts Avenue