NUVO Media

Letter from the editor/publisher, Kevin McKinney

We want to start a movement, with you at the center. Here is how:

I gifted our brand and our assets to the nonprofit NUVO Cultural Foundation which already has 501(c)(3) status. This allows for tax deductible contributions, and also allows NUVO to accept grant money.  Becoming a nonprofit aligns with our mission of making journalism more trusted again and useful in solving the problems that you think are most important. We are now accountable to the community, which means you, and have a structure better designed for a mission-driven organization that desires to be transparent.

We will optimize for trust by being radically transparent about our writers’ biases, our processes, our motivations, and our financials as a means of providing you context.

We will be membership-driven so that our interests are closely aligned with your interests. 

We will use the power of the internet to listen to you and to empower you through the use of your First Amendment rights in combination with ours. We will look for writers who can speak with insight and passion from diverse viewpoints. (Read more from link above.)

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