Park 10 is a for-sale condominium and townhome community in the historic Chatham Arch neighborhood of Indianapolis and is the most recent new construction project of this scale in the area. Nestled in the perfect location, Park 10 is easily accessible to local shops and restaurants.

The Park 10 buying process is designed to make purchasing your home an enjoyable experience. Homeowners are offered options and selections so that each residence may be personalized to create a unique space. High quality fixtures, functional design, energy efficiency and attention to detail make it an appealing home for modern living.  

Park 10:   Designed well to live well.

  622 East 10th Street  

Property Attributes:

1 to 3 bedrooms available
1.0 to 2.5 bathrooms available
Rent Range : $0.00 to $0.00
Facility Address / Phone Amenities
Old National Centre (Murat) North Lot 312 East North Street
FlexePark Lot 6182 515 E North St Accepts CC
Central Christian Church North Lot 751 North Delaware Street
Central Library Garage 40 East St. Clair Street Accepts CC
601/611 North Delaware Lot 601 North Delaware Street
Antelope Club Lot 602 North Delaware Street
Old National Centre (Murat) Main Lot 501 Alabama Street
Gateway Plaza Lots 950 North Meridian Street
Athenaeum Lot 401 East Michigan Street
Attraction Address Phone
The Cabaret 924 N Pennsylvania (317) 275-1169
Morris-Butler House 1204 North Park Avenue (317) 639-4534
Chatham Arch Commons Park 515 East St. Clair Street
FringeNext 719 East St. Clair Street (317) 522-8099
Indianapolis Fire Museum and the Fallen Firefighters Memorial 748 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 262-5161
Peace Water Winery 747 North College Avenue (317) 735-6618
Phoenix Theatre 705 North Illinois Street (317) 635-7529
Firefighters Survive Alive! 748 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 327-6707
Art Bank 811 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 624-1010
ComedySportz Indianapolis 721 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 951-8499
Dean Johnson Gallery 646 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 634-8020