Scottish Rite Cathedral

The Cathedral is home to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the worlds oldest and largest fraternity. Not only does this Cathedral host events for its members but it also hosts exciting events for the local community as well, visit their website to schedule an appointment!
  650 North Meridian Street  
  (317) 262-3100
Facility Address / Phone Amenities
500 North Illinois Garage 502 North Illinois Street
Central Library Garage 40 East St. Clair Street Accepts CC
Antelope Club Lot 602 North Delaware Street
Central Christian Church North Lot 751 North Delaware Street
601/611 North Delaware Lot 601 North Delaware Street
OneAmerica Lot 4 433 North Capitol Avenue
Axis Parking Garage 215 W Michigan St
Penn Center Lot 440 North Delaware Street Electric Charging
327 Garage 327 North Illinois Street Accepts CC
Denison Lot 535 535 North Senate Avenue
Attraction Address Phone
Scottish Rite Cathedral 650 North Meridian Street (317) 262-3100
Scottish Rite Center for the Performing Arts 650 N. Meridian St. (317) 262-3120
World War II Memorial American Legion Mall (317) 232-7615
Vietnam and Korean Wars Memorial American Legion Mall (317) 232-7615
American Legion Mall 500 - 600 North Meridian Street (317) 232-7615
Veterans' Memorial Plaza 50 East Michigan Street (317) 232-7615
Tyndall-Moorhead Armory 711 North Pennslyvania Street (317) 390-2600
Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum Indiana War Memorial (317) 232-7615
The Indianapolis Public Library 40 East St. Clair Street (317) 275-4100
USS Indianapolis Museum Indiana World War Memorial (317) 769-6014
Indiana War Memorial and Museum 55 East Michigan Street (317) 232-7615