A mixed-use development in the Holy Rosary/Fletcher Place Neighborhood. The ground floor includes commercial space and walks out directly to the Cultural Trail. The upper four floors includes 68 apartment units (many of which have skyline views) and a fitness center that overlooks the southern portion of the trail. Apartment interiors are designed to complement the exterior design, creating a sleek, contemporary living space. 
  501 Virginia Avenue  
  (317) 638-2000

Property Attributes:

Studio to 2 bedrooms available
1.0 to 2.5 bathrooms available
Rent Range : $1,110.00 to $2,400.00
Facility Address / Phone Amenities
Tow Yard Parking 500 South Madison Avenue
LaRosa Bus Lot 401 South Pennsylvania Street
Bankers Life Fieldhouse Northeast Lot 126 South Delaware Street
La Rosa Ramp Lot 101 South Alabama Street Accepts CC
Virginia Ave. Garage 155 South Delaware Street
Meridian & South St Lot 365 South Meridian Street
Union Station Garage 301 South Meridian Street Accepts CC
East Maryland Street Lot 355 East Pearl Street
239 Lot 239 South Meridian Street Accepts CC
433 East Washington Street Lot 433 East Washington Street Accepts CC
Attraction Address Phone
Edna Balz Lacy Park 700 Greer Street (317) 327-7226
Pickled Pedaler 602 Virginia Avenue (317) 877-0624
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art 216 East South Street (317) 790-5757
Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery 702 Virginia Ave (317) 653-1806
Metazoa Brewing Company 140 South College Avenue
Tow Yard Brewing Company 501 Madison Avenue (317) 638-9273
St. Vincent Center - Pacers Training Facility 201 South Delaware Street (317) 469-1919
Bad Axe Throwing 235 S Meridian St. (888) 435-0001
Bankers Life Fieldhouse 125 South Pennsylvania Street (317) 917-2727
Indiana Fever 125 South Pennsylvania Street (317) 917-2500
Indiana Pacers 125 South Pennsylvania Street (317) 917-2500