Young Actors Theatre

At Young Actors Theatre they know confidence, creativity and discipline are skills every child needs to achieve a path to success. They believe they can develop these skills and help students become outstanding individuals in our community through the art of theatre. The goal is not to produce professional actors, but to produce successful members of society who have the skills necessary to achieve their dreams. 

Currently YAT annually serves approximately 1,300 youth participants, 12,000+ audience members and presents a minimum of 20 productions and 65 performances.
  401 East Michigan Street, The Athenaeum  
  (317) 432-8352
Facility Address / Phone Amenities
Athenaeum Lot 401 East Michigan Street
New Jersey & Vermont Lot 415 North New Jersey Accepts CC
Michigan & Alabama Lot 307 East Michigan Street
418 Alabama Street Lot 418 Alabama Street
Old National Centre (Murat) North Lot 312 East North Street
FlexePark Lot 6182 515 E North St Accepts CC
Lockerbie Marketplace Lot 340 North New Jersey Street
Alabama & Mass Ave Lot 363 Massachusetts Avenue Accepts CC Overnight
Municipal Garage 317 East New York Street
Penn Center Lot 440 North Delaware Street Electric Charging
Attraction Address Phone
The IMC Gallery 401 East Michigan Street (317) 597-0328
The Athenaeum Basile Theatre 401 East Michigan Street (317) 655-2755
Old National Centre 502 North New Jersey Street (317) 231-0000
Escape the Room Indianapolis 525 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 960-4801
Bill Gray Plaza 430 Massachusetts Avenue
James Whitcomb Riley Home 528 Lockerbie Street (317) 631-5885
Outliers Brewing Company 534 East North Street
The District Theatre 627 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 308-9800
Franklin Barry Gallery and The Frame Shop 617 Massachusetts Avenue (317) 822-8455
The Hot Room 305 East New York Street (317) 650-7736