University Park

University Park is the oldest portion of the Indiana War Memorial Plaza, once the planned site of a university in 1821. With the plan never coming to fruition, the southwest corner of the park became home to the Marion County Seminary, the city's first high school and several churches. The building was torn down in 1860 so the park could be a drilling ground for the Union troops. Following the war, the area was converted into a park. The centerpiece of the park is the Depew Fountain, dedicated to a physician from Indianapolis named Dr. Richard Johnson Depew. Designer Karl Bitter died before the fountain's completion. Alexander Stirling Calder completed Bitter's work.
  325 North Meridian Street
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Public Space Information

DescriptionUniversity Park is a beautifully-landscaped area with grassy fields, benches and picnic tables to surround the five-leveled Depew Fountain. There you can find sculptures in honor of President Benjamin Harrison, Abraham Lincoln and Schuyler Colfax (Indiana native and Vice President under Grant).

Less than 500 people - $600
501 – 1,500 people – $1,200
1,501 – 3,000 people – $2,500

HostIndiana War Memorials Commission
Phone(317) 233-0529
FeaturesPublic seating; great for lunch break, picnic or dog walk