Growth. Vibrancy. Density. Demand.

It doesn't happen by accident. It takes a community of members like you. Together we:

 Keeping our Downtown clean, green, safe and vibrant.
  • Street cleaning ambassadors
  • Addressing homelessness
  • Panhandling mitigation
  • Planters and trees
  • Cleaning standards & pest bird control
  • Safety patrols
  • Wayfinding

MARKET. Shaping the narrative of Downtown to broaden the brand and drive/sustain demand.
  • Web presence
  • Media promos
  • Social media engagement
  • Video/print resources
  • Residential marketing
  • Place branding  (i.e. maps, street banners, decor)

ACTIVATE. Contributing to the the visibility and vibrancy of Downtown. We lead the activation of
Indianapolis’ premiere public space, Monument Circle.
  • Monument Circle events
  • Shining A Light
  • Community celebrations
  • Placemaking coordination
  • Event guidance  (i.e. programming, permitting)

DEVELOP. Ensuring Downtown has the best retail, commercial and residential pieces.
  • Retail/commercial connections
  • Data, facts and trends
  • Corporate tour assistance
  • Broker/developer/City partnerships
  • Promotion of residential living options

THE BOTTOM LINE: Our collective energy results in growth, vibrancy, density and demand.


Check out what benefit level is right for you.

Trustee Level For those who want a voice in change & a hand in growth

$40,000+ Investment

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Collaborator Level For those who desire to drive momentum

$25,000 - $39,999 Investment

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Sustainer Level For those who strive for greater impact

$10,000 - $24,999 Investment

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Investor Level For those who crave to connect & contribute

$4,000 - $9,999 Investment

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Supporter Level For the who seek deeper involvement

$2,000 - $3,999 Investment

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Partner Level For those who want basic engagement

$500 - $1,999 Investment

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Join us in making our Downtown stronger.


Questions? Please contact:
Tim Boruff
Vice President of Finance & Operations