At Downtown Indy, Inc., we’re used to staying behind the scenes to make things run smoothly. That’s why we asked former pro football player Gary Brackett to help tell the people of Indianapolis exactly what we do—after all, he’s used to the limelight.

1. Easy to navigate Downtown
Gary told us he was excited to help, because the things we do make such a difference in making Downtown a destination. Downtown businesses love seeing customers coming in the doors. And it’s easier for them to come when using Downtown Indy, Inc.’s parking information or wayfinding maps, or if they’re attending one of the many, many events Downtown Indy, Inc. helps coordinate every year.

2. Well-rounded Square
Of course, it isn’t just visitors who make the Mile Square so well-rounded. More and more people are choosing to live downtown, thanks to the clean sidewalks, tree-lined avenues, and of course all the things to do, especially on Georgia Street  and the Canal.

3. Top choice for top recruits
And when companies are looking to hire top talent, they want to show off the area their new employee would call home. That means lots of great housing options, tons of activities and nightlife, and a safe, walkable city.

By partnering with the groups that make Downtown such a fantastic place to work, live, and play, we’re creating a vibrant city people love to experience. So while Gary’s setting tables, we’re setting the stage for a sell-out downtown crowd.

We’re Downtown Indy, Inc. The people behind the place.