Previously, I blogged about Know Outlets and talked about how to help our homeless neighbors financially. I suggested that rather than give money to those we find on many of our street corners, not only Downtown, but at intersections and interstate off-ramps, deposit your financial assistance in the white-painted Know Outlets meters in the Downtown area. This money is used for direct services to those most vulnerable.

To combat homelessness, place money in the Know Outlets meters located throughout the city.

Since that post, perhaps you are wondering about the status of the Know Outlets campaign.  I can tell you now that in the last quarter, everyone’s contributions assisted the Professional Blended Street Outreach Team in providing basic financial support for 21 households. Those households included seven children! The money included rental deposits, utility debts, relocation expenses and residential substance abuse treatment.

PSA: The Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, 40 East St. Clair St., is hosting the Indianapolis Art Center’s exhibit, Beyond Perceptions through July 30. The exhibit is artwork created by high school students illustrating their belief about homelessness, many without any personal experience or exposure to the plight. The exhibit also demonstrates these students’ perceptions after having learned about those without permanent or no housing. For information about the compelling Beyond Perceptions, visit here.

Also, take the opportunity to watch @Home Tuesday, July 21 from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Library. This documentary is a journey through the invisible communities of people without permanent housing. There will be a discussion afterwards with the filmmaker, Susanne Suffredin and film’s narrator, Mark Horvath.

Let’s keep working to help our neighbors remember we are no mean city.