The holidays are behind us, that time of year that most of all of us celebrate regardless of our different beliefs. During the holidays, we think of others and try to find ways to relieve the burdens of homelessness and lack of food for so many. As a community, we even donate toys to children who have little or nothing. Imagine seeing and hearing all the hoopla throughout November and December, and knowing that none of it is meant for you. I am not channeling Tiny Tim, just relating what I saw year after year as a police officer.

So, what does the title “Know Outlets” mean? Know Outlets is the CHIP (Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention) campaign created to bring awareness and funds for our most vulnerable. I know that although an automatic deduction from a paycheck for a social or arts organization is easy, no mess/no fuss, there are times though, when we want to give money directly to those soliciting for money on our city streets and interstate ramps. We could discuss the good and bad of this giving method ad nauseam; however, as we have seen for years, that is counter-productive. So, when arguing a point, it is a good idea to have a solution, or at least a suggestion for change.

Know Outlets allows a person to give “directly” to those in need. Know Outlets money provides residential treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse issues who are living outside. Know Outlets provides money for those living outside that need mental health counseling and medication. Know Outlets is a direct giving path to housing for those we want to help. And, as I write this, the Professionals Blended Street Outreach who work with your homeless neighbors are communicating to make sure they know where everyone is (doorway, alley or camp) to monitor their well-being and to conduct interventions. (Below is a list of the outreach organizations that work together every day regardless of back-round or beliefs.)


Currently, the Know Outlets meters are on Maryland Street for your change and or credit card to give someone the opportunity to have proper housing, food and perhaps employment, a life with meaning and quality. The CHIP in the boxes are still available too, for the same purposes, located on the Circle, Washington Street and Maryland Street near Circle Center Mall.

Professional Blended Street Outreach Organizations

  • Adult & Child Mental Health Center
  • Damien Center
  • Eskenazi Health
  • Homeless Initiative Program (HIP)
  • Horizon House / SORRT
  • Humane Society of Indianapolis
  • Indianapolis EMS
  • Indianapolis Metro Police Homeless Outreach Unit
  • Midtown Community Mental Health Center
  • Marion County Probation
  • MESH Coalition
  • Parole District 3
  • Tear Down the Walls Ministry
  • The PourHouse Inc.
  • Ruth Lilly Salvation Army Women & Children’s Center
  • Wheeler Mission Center for Women & Children
  • Wheeler Mission for Men
  • VA Homeless Outreach