As a news anchor for WTHR, Naomi is held to extremely high journalistic standards. That means she can’t make things up. So when she says she loves living in Downtown Indianapolis, she really means it. It’s like… journalistic law. And she knows some of her favorite things about Downtown are made possible by us—Downtown Indy, Inc.

World-class city

One of the best parts about living downtown? World-class food, of course! Don’t believe us? Conde Nast Traveler just named Fletcher Place hotspot Milktooth as “one of the greatest restaurants around the globe.” Downtown residents are just footsteps from delicious eats, whether you live within the Mile Square (see: St. Elmo Steak House), on Mass Ave. (see: Bazbeaux Pizza) or in Fountain Square (see: Bluebeard). And Downtown Indy, Inc. works with local restaurants to get people Downtown and give them reasons to stay.

Safety around town

We’re all about keeping downtown safe, vibrant, and clean—the hallmarks of any great neighborhood. We organize IMPD foot and bike patrols for Downtown businesses and events, and we’re also responsible for lighting trees so Naomi and her friends can enjoy walking along Washington St. under the twinkling lights.

Explore downtown

Of course, Naomi knows there’s more to Downtown than lights and cameras. She needs action. We’ve got that covered, too. From seasonal events on Georgia Street and the Canal Walk, to hot happenings like concerts, festivals and sports, it’s easy to have fun Downtown. And if you live Downtown, you’ve got easy access to all that’s happening in the Circle City.

So what’s tonight’s top story? Take it from Naomi. There’s nothing quite like living Downtown. And we make sure it stays that way.

We’re Downtown Indy, Inc. The people behind the place.