Spoke and Steele welcomes new consulting chef and delicious menu. 

Voted “one of Indy’s best new bars,” Spoke & Steele is sure to leave all Indianapolis residents and guests with a delightful and memorable experience. This mid-century modern restaurant & bar, located at the entrance of Le Méridien hotel, welcomes guests and foodies into a relaxing ambiance the moment they walk through the doors. Take a break and unwind in the living room by the fireplace or sip on craft cocktails at the bar with unmatched service. If you think the drinks are delicious, you seriously can’t miss the food.

Chef Greg Hardesty, previous owner of Recess, recently became the new consulting chef for Spoke & Steele. Hardesty, along with his talented staff members, is revamping the menu and modifying each dish for a truly unforgettable experience. New favorites include salmon wasabi, shrimp tostada and seared scallops. The menu represents the ideal balance of quality and quantity. In fact, you may have trouble deciding what mouth-watering food to order. Spoke & Steele has figured out the perfect formula to create unique, yet approachable dishes.

Spoke & Steele’s Shrimp Tostada (left) complete with shrimp ceviche, avocado and chipotle cream. The famous Spoke Burger on Amelia’s bun with a Fischer Farms custom beef blend along with American and sharp cheddar (right).

Since the beginning, Chef Hardesty’s goal has been to better Spoke & Steele’s overall selection and eventually let the restaurant  succeed and develop without him. New, capable chefs are joining the team to train under Hardesty and modifications are being made to perfect the service, atmosphere and food. The detail and thought that goes behind each revision is astounding. For example, Hardesty put charred tomato penne on the lunch menu instead of a long pasta to ensure the sauce would not get on your favorite work shirt. All of the menu items also include fresh, local ingredients from locations such as Fischer Farms. (Try the Spoke Burger for lunch or dinner. It’s one of the best burgers around that we’ve tried!)

Spoke & Steele gets its inspiration from Downtown Indianapolis itself. Because they are focused on Downtown, they strive to please their own Downtown residents and keep them coming back with affordable prices and approachable meals. Venture in, enjoy a candlelit lunches or dinner complete with craft cocktails, beer and more.

Be sure to keep your eye out for pop up dinners and your own chance to meet the chef.

Samantha Gregory

Samantha Gregory

DII Communications Intern