Downtowns across America serve as the heartbeat of communities.

And in Indianapolis, that heart is aching.

From broken promises to broken hearts to broken storefronts, our downtown community is in pain. As Downtown Indy, Inc. reflects on its mission to make Downtown the best place for ALL who live, work and visit, we acknowledge that there is much more work to be done to uplift our Black neighbors and co-workers.

We hear you. And we’re listening.

We also know that actions speak louder than words. So as we shape our strategic plans in the weeks and months ahead, we are committed to rebuilding Downtown as an equitable, inclusive and representative business and residential community.

Great communities are built from social equity and connectedness. Downtown Indy, Inc.’s board and staff are increasing its efforts to address inequities that may keep our Downtown from achieving its greatest potential for economic growth and vibrancy. We commit to actions that can lead to more Black-owned businesses in our Downtown, and a more diverse workforce and inclusive experiences that result in social cohesion.

Let us unite around a Downtown that should be everybody’s neighborhood – the place where we gather to speak out, as well as connect, celebrate, create, innovate and discover. Together.

– Executive Committee of the Downtown Indy, Inc. Board of Directors