Safety is an important factor in Downtown Indy’s mission to maintain a clean, safe and beautiful Downtown.  To further advancements in safety and security, Downtown Indy has its very own Bike and Foot Patrol! These off-duty and certified law enforcement officers augment IMPD’s Downtown District.  Additionally, Downtown Indy also hires off-duty officers to provide security and traffic control for events on Georgia Street.

These officers, from IMPD, MCSO, Indy Parks and other local reputable agencies, increase the number of police officers available for service four to seven days a week.  They typically work in four hour shifts during the heaviest calls for service, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

With 20 thousand full-time residents, 120 thousand daily commuters and large crowds from Downtown’s long list of entertainment attractions, Downtown Indy’s Bike and Foot Patrol are a great addition to our team.  Our officers enjoy helping people and hearing that the city is clean, safe and easily navigable.

The officers, who have specific patrol areas which include the Downtown Arts Districts, Downtown neighborhoods and the business districts, all perform regular police duties with an emphasis on personal interaction with both businesses and visitors.  These ambassadors of Downtown Indy also hand out maps, give directions, make entertainment and restaurant suggestions and inform Downtown Indy of any problems that need to be addressed.

The Bike and Foot Patrol team’s presence adds to the overall safety of Downtown ensuring that our city is unequivocally safe, as well as clean, vibrant and attractive.