The Downtown Recovery Committee is pleased to announce that the City of Indianapolis is providing $750,000 to Downtown Indy, Inc, (DII) for safety and security enhancements to the Mile Square area of Downtown.

Based on priorities identified by the Downtown Recovery Committee, the funding will be allocated for the following:

  • Increased foot/bike patrols of off-duty IMPD officers in the Downtown area, tripling the coverage already provided by Downtown Indy, Inc.
  • Launching Downtown Indy, Inc.’s Safety Ambassador program, which will employ civilians and IMPD cadets who will assist Downtown patrons and business owners while serving as extra eyes and ears throughout the Mile Square. The Safety Ambassadors will provide daytime and evening coverage with direct communication to IMPD.
  • Creating a network of 150+ street-level cameras, in partnership with Mile Square businesses, which will be part of IMPD’s existing B.Link program.
  • Addition of mobile cameras positioned in crime hot spots that will be monitored by IMPD.
  • Increased partnership between IMPD’s Downtown District, IMPD’s Narcotics Unit and IMPD’s Homeless Unit to identify areas with increased activity and deploy resources more strategically.

The $750,000 allocation in Downtown TIF-backed funding was approved by the Metropolitan Development Commission last week and will be administered by the Capital Improvement Board to Downtown Indy, Inc.

This dedicated funding is the first announced component of a comprehensive plan being developed by DII’s Downtown Recovery Committee, in collaboration with the City of Indianapolis and other Downtown stakeholders and business and civic leaders to 1) address the immediate challenges facing the Downtown core and 2) create a vibrant, welcoming hub to work, live, learn and play.

Downtown Indy, Inc, is finalizing a response rubric for the issues currently facing Downtown. While some of these needs are foundational, municipal, corporate and cultural, partners can—and should—consider all of these equally important for the economic and cultural success of the area.

Creating the infrastructure to ensure everyone feels safe and that businesses can operate securely is a crucial first step in our commitment. This funding is part of the city’s larger financial and social initiatives to provide business and hospitality relief, compassionate response to homelessness, cleanliness, marketing the city’s destinations and attraction and police policy reform. This also is the first step to a longer and inclusive conversation about how to make sure Downtown Indy, and all of Indianapolis, are safe, vibrant places where everyone is welcome and feels they belong.

“This announcement demonstrates a solutions-based response as we navigate the dramatic impact that COVID-19 is having on our Downtown and community,” said Sherry Seiwert, president/CEO of Downtown Indy, Inc. “What inspires me most is the can-do attitude and resilience of Downtown business leaders large and small, along with motivated and passionate residents who seek to position Downtown for recovery and a steady and measured return to our position of strength.”

Let’s move forward with the urgency and compassion that has defined Indianapolis’ progress over the years. (See the full news release here.)

Learn more about the work of the Downtown Recovery committee and read a letter from president Sherry Seiwert here.

To hear more about DII’s Recovery efforts, sign up to attend the virtual State of Downtown, Thursday, Aug. 27 at 4 p.m.