The Downtown Recovery Environment, Aesthetics & Activations committee is working every day to re-commit to being the cleanest Downtown in the country; enhancing DII’s beautification initiatives and creating diverse events balanced with safety limitations.

GOAL: Downtown Is Clean and Welcoming

Objective 1: Return Indianapolis to being the cleanest Downtown in the country

  • Enhanced cleaning standards communicated for public and private spaces
    • Increase of DPW crews assisting in Downtown on 2nd shift power washings
  • Utilize, fund and expand successful DII Street Ambassador program
    • Currently focused on Wholesale District – moving to full Mile Square coverage
    • Daily activities include sidewalk cleaning, graffiti remediation, plant bed maintenance
  • Engage corporate/civic leaders with cleanup days and walkabouts – 150+ have participated

Objective 2: Create inclusive/diverse, small-scale/safe activation events to bring patrons #BackDowntownIndy

  • Led Downtown Arts Market on the Circle each month. Next event set for Oct. 15 with the addition of a Beer/Wine Garden.
  • Coordinated Groovin’ Back Downtown Concert in White River State Park Saturday, Sept. 26.
  • Fall/Holiday events planning underway.



See Chris Gahl’s video update here.



The Downtown Recovery Funding subcommittee is committed to ensuring the sustainable, long-term needs of the DRC are supported.

Downtown Recovery Committee (DRC) Efforts Underway

  • The DRC’s efforts are underway and have begun to make a positive impact Downtown:
    • Increased foot and bike patrols are making their presence felt, and Safety Ambassador training has commenced.
    • Cleaning and beautification details have been increased.
    • Homeless outreach and working groups have been established.
    • Residents are making renewed efforts to support downtown businesses.

Current DRC Funding

  • The DRC is thankful to have received more than $1 million in necessary funding to get preliminary efforts off the ground.
    • The City of Indianapolis has provided $750,000 and the State of Indiana has provided $300,000 in critical support.
  • These helpful contributions will allow the DRC’s short-term funding goals to be reached.

Sustainable Funding Goal

  • While the DRC program is off to a strong start, the positive impacts will be lost if the improvement efforts are not supported for the long-term.
  • Momentum must be maintained for the future health of Downtown Indianapolis.
  • As the Funding subcommittee exists to make the DRC’s mission sustainable, we will begin exploring an appropriate pathway to generate funding from the private sector.

Next Steps

  • The Funding subcommittee will begin to engage local organizations, endowments and individuals for continued support of the Downtown Recovery Committee.



See Tom McGowan’s video update here.



The Downtown Recovery Health & Safety subcommittee has been hard at work.  With an investment of $750,000 from the City of Indianapolis, our committee has prioritized our focus on immediate safety and security enhancements. 

Foot & Bike Patrols

  • Increased foot and bike patrols by off-duty Officers began Sept. 1. The additional officers have quadrupled the number already provided by Downtown Indy, Inc. 
  • Officers will provide high visibility patrols Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. to be more responsive to the concerns of Downtown business owners, employees, residents and visitors.
  • Patrols will focus on high complaint areas relying on feedback and direction from Downtown stakeholders.


  • Since Downtown Indy Inc.’s announcement to support funding to increase partnership with IMPD’s b-link program, we have had 30 businesses contact us with intent to participate.
  • Site surveys are underway at several locations. Once quotes are approved by DII, installation of new cameras will begin at locations throughout the mile square.
  • In addition to new cameras, business with existing security camera systems will be connected to IMPD’s Incident Analysis Center (IAC).

Downtown Indy, Inc.’s Safety Ambassador Program

  • The program employs civilians and IMPD Cadet Officers to assist Downtown business owners, employees, residents and visitors navigate the mile square.
  • They will be mobile sources of information on all things Indy.
  • They will serve as additional eyes and ears for IMPD downtown and will work closely to ensure collaboration in the overall public safety mission.
  • Training has already commenced and we look forward to seeing our Safety Ambassadors on duty as early as Sept. 21.

Homelessness & Panhandling

  • Much work is being done to address the issues of homelessness and panhandling in the mile square.
  • Permit-based feeding: Development of a summary of current feeding locations and schedules in addition to the development of a community-based qualifications process, encouraging participating groups to follow best practices.
  • Established an additional working group consisting of homeless services providers focused on identifying service gaps and plans for providing coverage.
  • An effort is underway to prepare a plan which will provide guidance for downtown stakeholders to help in three areas: advocacy, outreach and employment.


See Deputy Chief Josh Barker’s video update here.