Drink deep of the culture around you this week with Brian Payne.

How do we create an inclusive city? Brian Payne, the CEO of the Central Indiana Community Foundation and President of the Indianapolis Foundation, joins us for a live recording at the LO-FI to discuss systemic racism in Indianapolis and the CICF’s plan for creating a more equitable Central Indiana.

The CICF’s plan is important to Indianapolis and will be impactful because its influence doesn’t stop at the end of the term. Unlike a plan to fight major issues may in the political scene. Brian believes that Indianapolis will see meaningful change in the next 5-10 years of the plan’s execution.

“For this city to be equitable, we can’t be only checking the box and counting the numbers of how many people you have of color that are somehow associated with your organization or your state. People of color have to have power. ” – Brian Payne

Tune in to learn how the CICF and Indy citizens can properly develop a city that empowers people, what systemic racism means, and what is currently happening in Indy that is creating disadvantages for groups of people.

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Hayley Brown

Hayley Brown

Co-host & Chief Marketing Wizard, Drink Culture Podcast

Hayley is a Co-host and the Chief Marketing Wizard for the Drink Culture Podcast. She’s currently obsessed with the Bottleworks project on Mass Ave, asking questions worth answering, and snuggling with her Holland Lop bunny, Bella.