The Drink Culture Podcast was once reviewed as “sorority girls at lunch talking about alcohol.” We just fulfilled that reviewer’s fantasy. Isaac Arthur, Cody Fague, and Eddie Sahm join us at Hotel Tango’s new event space, The Foxhole, to chat about the present and future of beer branding, geek out about music, share frustrations and laughs about customer reviews and, of course, provide an update from their last interview.

“You gotta get people around you who want to get stuff done. I have people around me who
work tirelessly. I have people who make what I’m outlining in a broad scope a reality.” – Eddie
Sahm, Big Lug Brewing Co.

Get the scoop on CODO Design’s new book and Half Liter as the partners discuss how Big Lug Brewing Co is one of the most successful brands that CODO Design has built. They even talk about the strategy behind the “heaviest state’s lightest beer,” Dïat Pils, and Cody’s LinkedIn posts.

Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Isaac Arthur and Cody Fague of CODO Design and Eddie Sahm of Big Lug Brewing Co.

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Hayley Brown

Hayley Brown

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