What are your talents? DeAmon Harges and Seana Murphy from The Learning Tree are leveraging this question to strengthen neighborhoods through asset-based community development.

The learning tree was real. DeAmon’s Uncle Buck planted it, and it became a gathering spot for neighbors to share stories and build relationships. DeAmon learned from the original learning tree and by walking the sidewalks in his neighborhood that people’s stories are powerful because they reveal their talents and interests. DeAmon was looking at starting his career in something he was passionate about and recognized that he was talented at listening and storytelling. Thus, he started an organization that provided a space for people to share stories and named it after the legendary spot, The Learning Tree. While stories are told, listeners search to understand people’s gifts and then celebrate them.

“If we’re not addressing power, our gifts will never be seen.” DeAmon Harges, The Learning Tree

Tune in to learn about asset-based community development, systemic racism, and how The Learning Tree is making a difference in neighborhoods and workplaces. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you with DeAmon Harges and Seana Murphy from The Learning Tree.


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Hayley Brown

Hayley Brown

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