What if the music you listened to at home played at your favorite bar or club? In 2017, Steven Russell woke up considering the same idea, and now he is at the forefront of the Indianapolis Renaissance by hosting Lari Pati.

Steven was entrepreneurial-minded beginning in his youth using his streetwear and fashion interest influenced by his childhood in Washington D.C. to start an online retail store in high school. Living fearlessly and learning through experience, Steven executed his idea to connect people from different backgrounds and broaden their exposure to new and local music by launching Lari Pati in 2018.

“I need power, resources, and contacts to do something bigger. So the people of Indianapolis can be like ‘Wow. That’s as cool as anything in the world.’ That’s what I’m after” – Steven Russell, Lari Pati

Now, he has to expand the space and offerings to meet the demand of his growing audience. Learn about the Indianapolis Renaissance, what the creative community needs to grow, the next big local music stars, and Steven’s other music events. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you with Steven Russell of Lari Pati.

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Hayley Brown

Hayley Brown

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