Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Eric Tobias from High Alpha.

Charge up your battery because we are talking with investor and start-up extraordinaire Eric Tobias from High Alpha. Eric gained the experience necessary to start a venture studio when cell phone batteries didn’t last a full day, so he started​ ​batteries.com​. He then exited to begin Technuity, iGoDigital, and now High Alpha.

“I think that the only way you learn to be good at anything is to be bad at it for a while.” – Eric Tobias, High Alpha

Learn how everything links together like the songs on a Counting Crows soundtrack and the importance of “getting the order” by listening to Eric’s story. Drink in the Culture around you this week with Eric Tobias from High Alpha.

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Hayley Brown

Hayley Brown

Co-host & Chief Marketing Wizard, The Drink Culture Podcast

Hayley is a Co-host and the Chief Marketing Wizard for the Drink Culture Podcast. She’s currently obsessed with the Bottleworks project on Mass Ave, asking questions worth answering, and snuggling with her Holland Lop bunny, Bella.