Recently I watched my son suffer through a tough bout of pneumonia, only to immediately be forced to endure the intense pain of pleurisy (an inflammation of the lining surrounding the lungs, making breathing agonizingly difficult). Seeing your child sick and miserable is an awful feeling. Knowing you can’t do too much to help other than comforting is even worse. On top of this I now find myself sick at home with the stomach flu and I must say… I’m ready to be done with sickness in our house.

Clearly these are two experiences that I would have been very happy to live without.

That being said, I think it’s important to share this info with you now in hopes that you won’t be subject to a different illness. Everyone knows that it’s the cold and flu season and that the weather is helping absolutely no one. Unfortunately, it also appears to be measles season in the U.S. with 100 confirmed cases in 14 different states already. Measles can be debilitating for people of all ages, and especially for young children, measles can be extremely dangerous. Thankfully the Public Health Department created this fact sheet to help you and yours remain measles-free this winter. Stay warm, stay safe and stay healthy.