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Cabaret is unique from other musical performance styles as it typically takes place in an intimate venue, creating a conversational atmosphere between the artist and the audience. Throughout the show, the performer weaves together stories with song, tailoring the show to connect with people in the room.

Melissa Iannuzzi, The Cabaret

Since 2009, The Cabaret has transformed Indianapolis into a space that is now nationally recognized as the “cabaret capital of the Midwest.” The organization has set the stage to preserve and promote its namesake artform by bringing in world class talent such as award winning Broadway, Jazz, and international artists. Earlier this year, The Cabaret moved to a new designed and renovated space at the historic Metzger Building in Downtown Indianapolis and continues to hold the position as the Midwest’s leading cabaret theater.

In their new neighborhood, Library Square, The Cabaret plans on continuing to enrich the artistic programming for the people of Indianapolis similar to the new Phoenix Theater, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, and Buckingham Companies. The Cabaret hopes to inspire talented Indianapolis musicians to pursue cabaret performance so that they one day have the chance to be recognized in the national cabaret scene. They are the playmakers, the dreamers, and the doers of our city.

But why Downtown?

Street view of The Cabaret entrance, courtesy of Dave Pluimer

Downtown Indianapolis has provided The Cabaret with a rich cultural landscape to dig their roots. Although Downtown already had many incredible opportunities to enjoy preforming arts, it has never had a cabaret room.

We had the chance to sit down with Melissa Iannuzzi, Communications and Marketing Manager of The Cabaret, who explained that the arts community goes beyond just this space in Indy. Although The Cabaret wouldn’t be expected in Downtown, it has given them the perfect opportunity to transform the arts scene in Indianapolis. Typically cabaret venues thrive in major metropolitan cities such as New York and San Francisco. Because of the continuous growth of Downtown, the Cabaret was created to bring this same caliber of entertainment to our city. By transforming an old car warehouse/roller skate rink into the 186 seat Christel DeHaan Theater, The Cabaret has taken full advantage of bringing something truly special to the Midwest for everyone to enjoy.

Iannuzzi believes that the best part of both living and working Downtown is the support fostered between the people and organizations in the city. The result of individuals willing to lend a hand shows how many people take pride in the city and want to make sure it is the best it can be. It is important that when organizations like The Cabaret are introduced to Downtown that a general belief is created in believing that as one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

Organizations like Downtown Indy are especially crucial in fostering that sense of community and connections between different businesses.  Melissa Iannuzzi, The Cabaret

As a proud member of Downtown Indy, Inc., The Cabaret will continue to make their mark on the national cabaret stage this season.

Entering into their second year in their new space, The Cabaret promises excitement with upcoming performances from Isaac Mizrahi and Betsy Wolfe in mid-October. “Isaac Mizrahi is a household name to many, but very few people knew he has actually been performing cabaret since the late ‘80s. … I think it’s such a brilliant and unique lineup, and I look forward to welcoming more people to our new venue to enjoy it,” said Iannuzzi.

Tickets are available here for upcoming shows. For more information, visit their website and follow The Cabaret below on their social media to stay up to date on all new performances.

Pictures courtesy of Mark Sheldon and Dave Pluimer.

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Anna Rather

Anna Rather

Community Engagement Intern, Downtown Indy, Inc.