The race to attract and retain tech talent across the United States is getting more competitive. Indianapolis is upping its game by providing experienced tech pros a fast lane to their dream jobs because now is not the time to be humble about the great things Indiana has to offer.

This effort to recruit tech-killed talent across state lines is aggressive. It’s led by TechPoint and TMap and supported by Cummins, Eli Lilly and Company, GEICO, Raytheon and Salesforce. But it needs you, too.

Why does this dream team need you?

The U.S. is facing a skilled labor shortage, but Indiana is in an even tighter position. Experts say our first-ever labor force shrinkage is on the horizon. We added 3,400 tech jobs last year, many in growing startups and scale-ups, and had a $16 billion impact on the state’s economy. But we’re still losing ground.

The new “Wish You Were Here” campaign is focused on Indy’s growing tech ecosystem, which has the potential to be as critical to the city’s future as the amateur and professional sports strategy was in the early 1990s. To succeed, we have to fill the jobs our current and future tech companies need.

TechPoint is hosting a Red Carpet Experience October 3-5 to attract talent to Indiana to meet with these fast-growing startups, scale-ups and enterprise companies that have jobs to fill.

This is where you come in.

We bet you know at least one person who left Indiana thinking they had to go somewhere else to have a great tech career. They might even have one now. But can they afford to buy a house or live well in their adopted city? Do they hate their commute? Do they know their neighbors? Have a sense of community?

Indiana is the perfect intersection of great career opportunity and affordability:

● Smart Asset lists us as a Top City for Women in Tech
● Lending Tree say we’re a Best City for First Time Homeowners
● Wallet Hub calls us a Best Place to Start a Career
● G2 says we’re a Best Tech City
● USN&WR says we’re one of the 30 Most Fun Places to Live in the U.S.

And get this: a new CompTIA found that 78% of tech workers would consider relocating for a new job. Their top factors to consider when relocating: overall cost of living and housing costs.
You know who wins in that scenario? We do.

But we won’t if those potential relocators don’t know we meet their criteria. We need you to:

1. Think about who you want back home. No coders in your contact list? That’s OK. Tech companies need lots of people – tech workers, sure, but also people in marketing, finance and other roles. Go here for a deeper look at that.
2. Send your out-of-staters a text, post, email or call and tell them about our campaign.
3. Encourage them to apply for our Red Carpet Experience at and tell them to hurry because applications close July 15.

The Red Carpet experience will be a great chance for folks who we determine best match the most in-demand jobs. Can’t wait for that? The TechPoint Job Board has dozens of tech jobs open right now. Share that with your friends and family, too.

Now is not the time to be humble about the great things Indiana has to offer. We are in a super tight competition, but together, we can fill the talent pipeline and grow our state’s economy.

Sara Croft

Sara Croft

Senior Director of Communications, TechPoint