For the collectors of all things cotton, this is for you…

For years I have been piling up old t-shirts – you know, the college sorority shirts that are too faded to read the writing, family reunion apparel that is pulled out once a year or even ex’s tees that somehow remained in my drawer after all these years. I struggle with knowing when can I wear these tees. They are too ratty and faded for the office so I end up cleaning my house in them or improvising a dust rag.

Recently I developed a love for all things Indiana. I was born and raised in the crossroads of America, and I’m proud of it. I have been looking for something new and up-to-date that can also be versatile to my busy work schedule. That’s when it hit me: Silver in the City.

To all my Indiana loving and t-shirt collecting fanatics, you need to check this place out. I have found that their products are great quality, cost affordable, appropriate for all ages and truly stand the test of time. They design shirts that make you proud to be a Hoosier, even better create a desire to want to become an adopted Hoosier. My most recent love is there “Torch and Stars Tee,” a unisex tee that shows off the Indiana state flag with an eclectic flair.


Torch and Stars Tee – Silver in the City $28

A good friend told me about PUP (People For Urban Progress). All their products, which range from shirts, to wallets, to commuter bags, are made from recycled materials and then refurbished so everyone can benefit. Their shirts and products intrigue people to ask, “What does your shirt mean?” My favorite design from PUP is the 317 line. You can purchase your Indiana area code and wear it proudly!


317 – People for Urban Progress $26

If none of these shirts or products speak to you, USI (United State of Indiana) is another option. USI creates tees, tanks and home accessories for people who love Indiana. They took the USA flag and overlapped the stars with the shape of Indiana. In part, it’s the simplicity of the design that makes the shirts so catchy.


USI Flag Tee (Pride Version) – United State of Indiana $35

Since we do live in a state with all four seasons, and I need some layers come the winter time, USI has the perfect “This is Home” long sleeve shirt (with a bonus hood). The grey and black tee is a comfy shirt to throw on and enjoy a night out. Plus it is extremely soft and looks good on anyone.


This is Home – United State of Indiana $25 – $32 depending on the style

Another must try: the new <3INDY shirts from Buckingham Co. We live in a community of Hoosier pride and these shirts are a home run for the Indy lover. As an added bonus, a portion of the sale will help with the fight against childhood hunger.


<3INDY Tee – Buckingham Foundation $20

It is time to clean out those old drawers filled with dust rags and faded text and show your Indiana pride! These five shirts are versatile and perfect for any Indy lover. For years I have seen friends wearing their state pride on their chest, but I never thought that I too would jump on that bandwagon. Now it’s your turn to join.

Blog by Chelsea Sweet, events intern