Downtown Indy nominated Sergeant Randy Dodd, Downtown Indy’s Bike and Walking Patrol officer (2 years); IMPD law enforcement officer (26 years), for a Visit Indy ROSE Award. ROSE stands for Recognition Of Service Excellence. The program shines a light on non-managerial hospitality employees that make every Indianapolis visitor feel special.

On March 18, Sgt. Dodd was honored with a ROSE Award, one of 10 awards presented from nearly 100 nominees.  Here’s why we know the award was well deserved.

Indianapolis has continually been touted as having one of the most clean and vibrant Downtowns in the nation. Visitors are pleasantly wowed time and time again by Downtown’s vitality and surprises upon each visit.  Many may not know that Downtown Indy (DI) has dedicated staff members that are continuously working behind the scenes to ensure that Downtown remains an attractive and welcoming destination to hundreds of thousands visitors, residents and employees alike.

Enter Sgt. Randy Dodd, one of Downtown Indy’s (DI) Bike and Walking Patrol officers.

Sgt. Randy Dodd wins ROSE Award

Sgt. Randy Dodd wins ROSE Award

The Bike and Walking Patrol is a program of Downtown Indy, which augments Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s (IMPD) presence on Downtown streets and sidewalks, especially during the Downtown District’s heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic times when many employees and visitors are present.

The Patrol focuses on crime fighting, quality-of-life issues including panhandling enforcement and backing up IMPD Downtown District runs. Additionally, the officers meet with Downtown businesses, introduce themselves and learn of any safety issues or concerns.  As Downtown ambassadors, officers assist the public with questions, directions and more.

Randy Dodd is not your ordinary Bike and Walking Patrol officer. Randy is one of Downtown’s best ambassadors and goes above and beyond to take care of our cherished city center and those who visit here.

Randy is the kind of ambassador who has an “owner’s mentality” when it comes to Downtown. Last year, Randy noticed a dilapidated building near South and Delaware streets during one of his patrol shifts. The gutters were rotting and the upkeep was way below Downtown standards.  He decided to do something about it. Randy researched the property and found the building owner, met with him and explained the importance of Downtown’s cleanliness standards and how that building was far below par. The owner rehabilitated the gutters and building and cleaned up the property.

In a similar situation, Randy found another wayward Downtown property that was not being maintained. It turned out that the owner lived in Miami, Florida. Randy contacted the owner and explained the situation, telling him that the current condition was unacceptable.  The Miami landlord heeded the advice and quickly turned the property around to above-average Downtown standards. And on South Illinois Street, Randy noticed broken bottles and trash scattered along the front of a building every time he passed. Again, he found the owner and talked to him about the property’s appearance and how it did not meet Downtown’s cleanliness standards. Randy suggested the owner plant flowers in front to discourage visitors from leaving trash. The owner did in fact invest in planting beds and flowers and has since turned into a clean, pleasant establishment rather than an eyesore.

Randy gets results. Not only does he assist visitors and businesses Downtown and answer questions as needed. But he is a Downtown beautification advocate, furthering Downtown Indy’s mission of creating a clean, safe, vibrant and growing Downtown for all to enjoy, play, live, learn and work.  Randy exemplifies the meaning of Downtown caretaker. And we can’t thank him enough.

Randy Dodd, lifelong Indianapolis resident and 26-year IMPD officer, truly deserves a ROSE Award to acknowledge his dedication and steadfastness to serving his community – above and beyond the call of duty.

Congrats, Randy!