Yes. Yes, I love living, working, playing, dining and shopping downtown. Yes, I am thrilled by the continued growth and development of our Mile Square community. And, yes, I have signed in full support of the Mile Square Economic Improvement District so that my investment in our community today will continue to pay dividends tomorrow.

Our family has called Downtown Indy home for three years and we relish the benefit of being able to walk to dinner, run the steps of the Monument, and bike the Cultural Trail. We love our neighborhood. In fact, my kids call the Mile Square “our backyard”.  While we do see this as our community, our family can only pick up so much trash in front of our building and along our walks. Hiring uniformed sweepers and mechanical operators to ensure that our walkways are trash, weed, and graffiti free will allow us to focus on fun and not constant clean up.

Every other city in the country that is our size or larger has instituted an EID in order to ensure a clean, safe, and vibrant city center.  The most powerful piece of the EID is that those of us who call the Mile Square home will have direct management over what happens in our back yard. For the small investment of $100/year, we will decide how our EID funds are leveraged. And, this truly is an investment. We’re investing in our community, in our neighborhood, and in our future. The management of the EID will be a balanced group of residential and commercial property owners, ensuring that the diverse voices and interests that make up downtown are all heard.

As a parent, I am thrilled about the opportunity to enhance our downtown amenities. The EID would allow us to have a voice and funds to leverage in working with others in the public and private sectors to create gathering spaces like dog parks and playgrounds.

As the principal of the closest elementary school to the Mile Square, safety downtown is at the forefront of my day-to-day operations. Whether my students are taking a walking field trip to the Hilbert Circle Theatre or enjoying the greenspace of the American Legion Mall, their welfare is my top priority. The EID’s multi-tiered approach to safety and security will better coordinate current efforts, add additional services, and ensure that downtown businesses have an emergency response communication system.

As small business owners with offices on the Circle, my husband and I see the value of the EID to the downtown business community.  We must ensure that downtown is positioned as a competitive business location now and in the future. The EID would assist us in improving our client experience by maximizing technology for improved wayfinding for parking, broadening public wifi, and more.  As downtown continues to grow and attract investment, we need to ensure that we achieve a level of excellence that we can all take pride in.

I appreciate the inclusive nature of the proposed services under the EID.  Visitors, business folks, residents, and our neighbors experiencing homelessness will all benefit from our ability to fund services beyond what our local government can provide. The EID will also ensure that those of us who live, work, and play downtown have a leading role in managing, maintaining, and planning for improvements in the Mile Square. This is our opportunity to make an inclusive and progressive economic investment in our community. Sign yes.

Andrea Hunley

Andrea Hunley

Principal, IPS Center for Inquiry at School 2